Residency at MauMau gallery, Istanbul

During a two weeks residency at gallery MauMau in Istanbul (2013), I did research on clumsiness and awkward movements of the body.

At the end of the residency Gazel Nihavent, the video I made, was shown in a group show at MauMau, together with works of my colleague residents Marieke warmelink, Esther Verhamme, Eelco Wagenaar and Luis Rodil- Fernandez.


‘Shifting office, local vessel’

The project Shifting Office, Local Vessel, consist of five Amsterdam based artists who physically transpose their art practice to Istanbul during a residency at Mau Mau.
The artists are characterized by their capacity to resolve and synthesize their environment into concrete artworks; a variety of video, performance and painting.
The group has physically shifted their working space. In this way the artists adapt, participate and respond to important daily encounters of the city.
For the group Istanbul is an important inspiration that keeps their vessel afloat.


Gazel Nihavent


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