It Takes Two To Tango – A constitutive work

Fontrodona Artspace, October and November 2014, Amsterdam

This project began with an exhibition proposal, which I wrote together with visual artist Paula Stam for Fontrodona Artspace. Our initial idea was to create a series of photos based on awkward family pictures found on the internet. During this process we asked ourselves: ‘What is awkwardness?’ Awkwardness contains a contradiction – a thing is only awkward if at least two elements don’t fit. But why don’t these elements fit? As we pondered this question, we arrived at a Heraclitus phrase: the beginning and the end of a circle are the same. But wait, we thought: ‘Does this mean everything is different or that everything is the same? Or is there a space in between the end and the beginning?’

Eventually, the work evolved from our original plan into an installation that showed a bedroom on one side and its mirror image on the other (or was it the other way around?) This installation was consecutively shown in Fontrodona Artspace (4 weeks) and the Joke Smit College during Kunstroute Oud Zuid, both in Amsterdam.




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