Hold On, Everything Flows

Hold On, Everything Flows, March – September 2016, Nieuwe Herengracht, Amsterdam

This project emerged at a moment when times were tough: during the economic crisis. Together with artist René Bosch, I built an illegal garden on an impossible spot: on top of the 200 metre long bumper beam (built for boat traffic) located in the Amsterdam canal De Nieuwe Herengracht. After months of work that included daily watering with the help of a yellow rubber boat, a few setbacks due to a broken arm, multiple rainstorms, trampling by the Gay Pride crowd and some construction work on the side of the canal  (which ended up destroying the best corner of the garden, which had only just begun to bloom), the narrowest garden of the Netherlands was a fact. Photographer Thijs Wolzak published our project in the Dutch national paper NRC on the 19th of August 2016.


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